Take this test to see if you’re a truly “experienced” music fan.

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I’m going to tread lightly with this column, hoping to avoid any negative trappings of ageism or inter-generational bashing. But the fact is we evolve as music fans throughout our lives. The more we listen, collect, and observe, the more knowledgeable we become.

At the same time, we develop preferences, biases, prejudices, and all manner of psychic baggage when it comes to music. And at some inevitable point, we mutter to ourselves that today’s music is nowhere near as good as it was when we were younger.

Every generation believes that the music of their youth was the greatest music of all time. You may not be down with the kids anymore and that noise they call music, but your elders thought the same of your music back in the day. And it was the same for your parents, too. Nothing to be ashamed of here. It’s the cycle of life.

Actually, the kind of musical knowledge and expertise that only comes with age should be celebrated and cherished. When you start thinking about how music has entered (and occasionally exited) your life, you begin to realize that it’s been a long, strange, wonderful journey, filled with magnificent memories.

This test will help determine just how experienced a music fan you are. Give yourself a point for each “yes” answer. And don’t forget to tally up the bonus points. (Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy and “You may be a redneck if…” routines.)

You might be an experienced music fan if…

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Alan Cross

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  • October 1, 2021 at 9:38 am

    Clapton has one now. Not that I agree with him, but it’s definitely a protest song


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