Technology That Will Stop People from Ruining Concerts with Cell Phones

There’s a growing movement against people who insist on watching entire concerts through their cell phones. Acts like Jack White and Green Day politely (and sometimes not so politely) ask that the audience put down their mobiles and enjoy the moment.

Kate Bush asked that no one even take pictures during her recent run of shows in London. People roamed the audience during the performance making sure that no one lifted a camera while Kate was onstage.  Some were even tossed out–or so I’ve heard.

(Mea culpa: I took a couple because I was at the last show and felt the need to document the final, final encore with at least one shot. I’m being excoriated in the comments section of my story on my Kate Bush trip. I wasn’t the only one, but that’s probably not a good excuse. Hey, I was carried away by the excitement and specialness of the moment. Don’t worry: I feel shame. Sort of.)

Which brings me to Yondr, a technology that’s supposed to solve the cell-phones-at-concerts problem. Basically, it allows venues to create cell phone-free zones.  From their website:


As people enter the venue, our staff will place their phones in Yondr cases.

Once they enter the phone-free zone, the cases will lock. While all customers will maintain possession of their phones, they are now free to enjoy the experience without distraction.

If at any point they need to use their phones, they can step outside of the Yondr phone-free zone to unlock it.

Read more here. Thanks to Bobby for the link.

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