How to Tell If Apple Is Slowing Down Your iPhone

Conspiracy! Apple has been deliberately slowing down older iPhones! They say that this is for our own good, pointing out that slower running phones will allow older batteries to last longer. Others point out that this increases user frustration to the point where they upgrade to a new phone. The slowness issue can be solved by changing the battery, but Apple wasn’t exactly forthcoming with that fix.

So how can you tell if Apple is slowing your phone? BGR has these tips:

–Do you have an iPhone 6, 6S, SE or 7? Those are the ones being throttled. If your phone is older than that, you have other issues.

–The throttling was introduced with iOS 11.2 for the iPhone 7. Got to Settings>General>About, you’ll find what version you’re running.

–After about a thousand charges, lithium-ion batteries get tired and don’t hold a charge properly. Although the charge indicator reads 100%, it may only have 50% of the juice you’d expect. To check your battery’s health, try an app like Battery Life or Battery HD+ to see where your phone stands.

–Check benchmarks. To learn more about that, go here.

You’re welcome. Remember, it’s probably cheaper to have your battery replaced than to buy a new phone.


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