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Ten of the Best Hidden Tracks of All Time

Whether it’s a separate track not listed on the track list, or it’s tucked away after minutes of silence following the final track, there are some gems hidden at the very end of some albums we love.

1. The Clash’s “Train In Vain” was added to the London Calling album after the track listing had already been printed, so it’s a hidden track that’s also a big hit and a fan favourite.

2. “Master/Slave” comes in at 5:20 on the final track of Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten.

3. “Endless, Nameless” provides the true, harsh ending to Nirvana’s massive breakthrough, Nevermind.

4-5. After first being included on an accompanying mini-CD, the covers “Physical” (Adam and the Ants) and “Suck” (Pigface) were tacked onto Nine Inch Nails’ Broken EP as tracks 98 and 99, respectively. *NSFW language*

6. Track 69 on some versions of Tool’s Undertow is “Disgustipated,” which features a somewhat alarming voicemail message and a mantra from “Reverend Maynard.”

7. “Damone” might be as strong as anything on Deftones’ very strong Around the Fur album.

8. “Homecoming” from Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP’s features Slug sharing vocal duties with El-P. *NSFW language*

9. There are two hidden tracks on AFI’s Sing the Sorrow: “Spoken Word,” and a song that captures a dark feeling perfectly, “This Time Imperfect.”

10. After 85 tracks of silence, Jack Off Jill’s Sexless Demons and Scars ends with “Angels Fuck,” a track so emotionally unfiltered that it can be almost difficult to listen to… but that’s one of the reasons we loved JoJ. *NSFW language, obviously*

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