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Ten Rap-rock Songs that Might Make You Reconsider the Genre’s Potential

Combining hip hop with rock sometimes sounds forced, and rap-rock and rap-metal have gotten bad raps—Ha. Sorry—because of certain bands that will remain nameless because they’re obviously Limp Bizkit, but some bands have figured out how to make it work awesomely. Here are ten examples:

1. Beastie Boys: “No Sleep till Brooklyn”

2. RUN-DMC: “King Of Rock”

3. Biohazard: “Punishment”

4. 311: “Down”

5. Rage Against The Machine: “Guerrilla Radio”

6. Deftones: “7 Words”

7. Twiztid: “We Don’t Die”

8. Candiria: “Without Water”

9. Hello Beautiful: “Virginia Symphony”

10. Beast: “Mr. Hurricane”

8 thoughts on “Ten Rap-rock Songs that Might Make You Reconsider the Genre’s Potential

  • No love for the earlier pioneers, Anthrax? “Bring the Noise”. Recorded with Public Enemy in 1991. And Anthrax even recorded their own metal-rap way back in 1987 with “I’m The Man”, which was influenced by the Beastie Boys.

  • Was going to mention Bring The Noise as well.

    And no mention of Faith No More? For shame.

  • Public Enemy and Slayer. She Watch Channel Zero is a fantastic track ahead of it’s time.

  • I’m partial to Hollywood Undead myself.

  • Pop Will Eat Itself is a massive omission for me.

    • This list wasn’t meant to be comprehensive. I think these are all great additions.

  • Even the whole Judgment Night soundtrack as well.

  • Urban Dance Squad – Fast Lane


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