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Ten Underrated Drummers

Rolling Stone has published their list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time, and it’s inspired me to spotlight some of the great drummers that never seem to make the top spots on such lists.

In no particular order, here are ten underrated drummers:

1. Nick Mason

Pink Floyd’s drummer proved that the value of giving the right amount of space cannot be overestimated.

2. Matt Cameron

Rocks with Pearl Jam at their hardest and softest, and has proven with Soundgarden that he can more than handle some non-standard time signatures.

3. Carlton Barrett

The man who put the distinctive groove in Bob Marley and the Wailers’ music. Popularized the one drop rhythm.

4. Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones drummer is as reliable as he is unenthused.

5. Michael Shrieve

Drummed on Santana’s first eight albums, fusing jazz and latin rock.

6. Topper Headon

The energetic backbone of The Clash on albums including London Calling.

7. Kenneth Schalk

As a member of Candiria, he more than just holds it down as songs jump from metal to mathcore to jazz to hip hop.

8. Carter Beauford

The Dave Matthews Band drummer shines in several genres, and sings backup, at that.


9. Bill Ward

The jazz influence that Ward brought to his drumming is one thing that set Black Sabbath apart from other hard rock bands.

10. Ringo Starr
Seems to know just what a song needs, and he’s creative. So, enough with the jokes already. He was a Beatle and you weren’t.\

Who else could go on this list? Please tell us in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Ten Underrated Drummers

  • Nick Mason seems to recycle the same beat on many songs, BUT IT ALWAYS WORKS. Bill Ward is certainly underrated.

    • Bran Drailor of Mastodon is certainly a missing drummer on this (any) list.

  • Jimmy Chamberlin – Smashing Pumpkins
    Brad Wilk – RATM
    David Lovering – Pixies
    Bill Ward – Black Sabbath

    • I read it too fast. Ward is already on there.

  • Ray Luzier – Korn, Army of Anyone

  • Rein from The Stone Roses

  • There’s a couple that should’ve been included in that Rolling Stone list

    Reni – Stone Roses
    Jaki Liebizeit – Can
    Danny Seraphine – Chicago
    Colm Ó Cíosóig – My Bloody Valentine

  • After fifty years of rock concerts, there is no doubt, Charlie Watts is the best drummer in rock history. Without Bill Wyman, the Stones could never have been such a tight unit. People dwell on the other players but Wyman and Watts kept it all together

  • Sean Stockham-Middle Class Rut
    Tony Hajjar- At the Drive-In

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