That time when Weezer was on a Windows installation disc

Microsoft knew they’d come up with a quantum leap in personal computing when they put the gold master of Windows 95 to bed. The OS may seem primitive now, but it was a huge improvement to Windows 3.1 and the crappy DOS programs we’d been stuck with. (Apple people: Pipe down. This isn’t about you.)

When it came time for the official launch, Microsoft pulled out all the stops, licensing “Start Me Up” from the Rollings Stones for a massive advertising campaign. Why? Because Windows 95 was the first version with a start button. The whole blitz reportedly cost $300 million USD.

I didn’t have a CD-ROM in my computer at the time, so my installation took nearly 3 dozen 1.44 MB floppy discs. Some of my early-adopting friends were able to install the program in a quarter of the time thanks to their shiny new CDs.

Deep within the folders was one named “Fun Stuff.” What could that possibly mean?

A couple of clicks revealed two low-res music videos, including Weezer’s then-new “Buddy Holly” video.

The other video? “Good Times” from Edie Brickell. Good trivia, no?

(Thanks to Kyle for the reminder of this bit of computer history.)


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