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The Alphabetical Archive for 28 August 2012: Pop Will Eat Itself

Back in the days of CFNY, this 12-inch mix–the vinyl version–was one of those Holy Grail things.  Hardcore collectors climbed all over themselves to get a copy.  Then came the bonus track on CD.  And then came the Internet.

Even weirder was the ultra-rare 10-inch mix.  See?

What will I find in section Q tomorrow?

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5 thoughts on “The Alphabetical Archive for 28 August 2012: Pop Will Eat Itself

  • YES! Possibly my all-time favourite band. Easily top 5 at least.

    Such a shame they never really followed-up Dos Dedos Mis Amigos. The new Graham Crabb album isn't bad, but I'd kill for a near-original line-up release.

  • Re. Hardcore collectors climbed all over themselves to get a copy. Then came the bonus track on CD. And then came the Internet.

    Same with all the rare bootleg concert footage I killed myself to find through collectors. Oh well. BTW my fave Pop Will Eat Itself Song is "Urban Futuristic".

  • Pete, Urban Futuristic, really? It's about the worst track they ever did! Doubly so as half of The Looks or The Lifestyle is just about the strongest material they ever created, it's so half and half that album. I've been reviewing the albums thanks to the recent reissues and for me my favourite track along with its various remixes is Another Man's Rhubarb, some of their best lyrics, in turns silly and surreal but with a social conscience, musically it's very strong as well, the Good Vibes mix is approaching beautiful…

  • Easily my fav band in the early-mid 90s. They're still one of my go to bands. I never get tired of their music.

  • My momma told me to tell you…

    Haha, I love Urban Futuristic too, and it's been oddly popular amongst my PWEI-loving friends. It is a very strange song for sure.

    I don't even think I can pick a favourite song. I'd say This is the Day… and Dos Dedos are equally favourite albums, with the ones falling between them just slightly behind. I like their earlier stuff too, but I listen to stuff like Beaver Patrol more for amusement.


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