The Audiophile Version Of Hesitation Marks

Any fan of Nine Inch Nails knows they are always looking at new ways of doing things.  And the release of Hesitation Marks is no exception.  There will be two versions available (if you purchase through anyway).  One regular high quality release that will be the standard for cd, iTunes etc…  As well there will be an audiophile version.  Check out the details:

Alan Moulder, who mixed the album, offers a more detailed explanation:

When we were mixing Hesitation Marks we decided to treat the mastering process in a slightly different way to the usual. Since we had tried to treat every other aspect of making this record differently to how we were used to, it seemed to make sense. We were mixing as we went along with the production of each song rather than at the end, so we thought that once we had a song pretty close we would send it off to Tom Baker, our long time serving mastering engineer, to give it some mastering treatment. Normally you wait until the record is finished being recorded and mixed, then take all the mixes to mastering. But we thought doing it again, as we went along, might make us push the process further and spend more time on mastering rather than rush through it at the end. Whilst doing this we became aware of how much low bass information there was on the record.


Read the entire story here.

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