The Casey Kasem Story Gets Even Sadder

At 81, legendary DJ Casey Kasem has been robbed of his famous voice by Parkinson’s and he’s in failing health.  And it gets worse.

His wife, Jean, has cut off all contact between Casey and the outside world.  Her stepchildren–Casey’s kids–have been barred from seeing their father.  When they showed up at the house last week demanding to see their father, she locked them outside the gate and called the cops.

Now the kids have filed a petition with Los Angeles Superior Court asking that they get control over Casey’s medical care.

They’re concerned that they’re dealing with a case of caregiver neglect, especially since they say Jean fired their father’s two favourite caretakers. She apparently is refusing to let friends visit, too.  This kind of isolation, they say, is a form of elder abuse.

More at the New York Daily News.  Click on the image to the taken to a video report.

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One thought on “The Casey Kasem Story Gets Even Sadder

  • November 8, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Elder abuse is subtle and extremely difficult to prosecute. I went through this exact situation with my father ten years ago. I have two brothers but they weren't as involved as I was. An ex-girlfriend my dad lived with for 13 years came back into town when she found out my father was recently divorced and getting sicker with Parkinson's. My dad was wealthy and lived in Rancho Mirage, CA. The process was subtle and sneaky – health care directive was changed from me to her (with help from other greedy folks). I fought this "caregiver" for years – there was a point when I couldn't get past the security gate of my dad's condo for 5 months. She began hiring half-assed caregivers to help her until my dad's monthly care was $29,000 a month. No one would help me visit my father until I found a wonderful Public Guardian from Riverside County who could see the subtle abuse the caregiver was inflicting on my father. She spoke sternly with the caregiver and fought for a conservatorship that was unsuccessful because my father was in and out of lucidity and was scared to lose the caregiver because of secret threats. Undue influence is hard to prove – my dad was not beaten or physically abused, but he was isolated and brainwashed. He was hospitalized for dehydration twice. There should AT THE VERY LEAST be a person assigned to the elder's children to lead them to a supervised visit with the parent in this type of situation. It is unbelievably cruel to cheat a loving child's life right to see their parent as they are becoming sicker and closer to death. We won the financial part of the nightmare, but the memories of me being kept from my father and not be given information at the hospital (I had no rights) when he was there near death was excruciating. It is tantamount to a war crime. Laws must be changed. I missed his death because this unstable ex-girlfriend pulled the plug and called in Hospice. A doctor examining Casey Kasem's body for abuse has nothing to do with the abuse of his soul. He knows his children and they're in his heart, no matter what has "gone down."


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