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The Dethklok concert hygiene and etiquette PSA. Many people need to watch this.

Dethlok is current on tour supporting their Metalocalypse movie. Before each show, the band’s mascot, Facebones, stars in a PSA about personal hygiene and concert etiquette. I quote from the video:

“Now that you’re all officially in the club, we’d like to take the time to talk about proper concert etiquette. Etiquette? What’s that? Well, etiquette is a French word that means ‘how to not act like a stupid asshole.’ So let’s get into it. First off, concert hygiene. You know when you go to a show, and you’re standing next to a person that smells like B.O. and old shoes and shit? Oh, you don’t know? Then that person might be you. Take a shower at some point in your life, and then come to the show.”

There are two Canadian dates–September 18 at Echo Beach in Toronto and on October 3 at the PNE Forum in Vancouver–so if you’re going, freshen up first.

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One thought on “The Dethklok concert hygiene and etiquette PSA. Many people need to watch this.

  • Kinda sad that folks have to be told this.


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