The Foo Fighters have a plan to deter scalpers. The scalpers are not happy. And neither are a bunch of fans.

The Foo Fighters will play their first proper show since the death of Taylor Hawkins on May 24 at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire. Fourteen other appearances–both standalone headliner shows and festival gigs–have been confirmed so far for the rest of the year. Who will play drums? As of today (March 13), we have no idea.

The Foos know that scalpers are very, very interested in getting their hands on tickets, especially for the headliner performances, so they’re taking measures to keep as many tickets as possible away from the secondary market.

For example, tickets for the May 26th show at the Boston Calling Music Festival have been locked down. The venue has let everyone know that the ability to transfer tickets from one purchaser account to another has been “turned off.” Tickets acquired from a third party (i.e. anywhere else that the official seller, which in this case is Ticketmaster) are invalid.

I quote: “Please be aware that this May 24 Foo Fighters show is completely sold out. Please do not attempt to buy tickets from any other source. Digital ticket transfers have been disabled for this event. No other source will be able to fulfill your order.”

In other words, fans who immediately bought tickets from StubHub or VividSeats are screwed. Ticketmaster is offering to exchange tickets but only at face value.

One report says that many more Foo Fighters shows will have tickets restricted this way. Naturally, the secondary market (and a bunch of eager fans) are not happy about how things are playing out. This is being referred to as the “weaponizing concert tickets.”

We’ll see how this plays out.

UPDATE: Here’s what the Cure is doing for their upcoming tour. (Via Fred)

Face Value Ticket Exchange

To give fans the best chance to buy tickets at face value, the artist has requested tickets to this event be mobile only and restricted from transfer. If you purchase a ticket and can’t attend, you can list your ticket for sale at the price you paid on our Face Value Ticket Exchange starting this spring. There will be no additional fees charged to Exchange users for buying or selling tickets on the Exchange.

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10 thoughts on “The Foo Fighters have a plan to deter scalpers. The scalpers are not happy. And neither are a bunch of fans.

  • Seems to be the way of the world, anything you don’t like has been ‘weaponized’. Go back to paper tickets sold at the box office! It worked for decades before the internet came along to fill the biggest of venues.

    • I bought tickets for Alabama. I bought them from Seat Geek and they have already been transferred to me. I’m not sure I understand- are these tickets not valid?? I’m from Canada and don’t want to go all the way to Alabama to be turned away.


  • Wah wah wah…jeezus everyone is a ******* victim!!
    Wah wah I can’t get tix on Ticketmaster! Wah wah I can’t get tix on StubHub!
    Wah wah I want I want I want!!
    It’s sickening.
    No one is entitled to a concert ticket.
    It’s a luxury!
    And if 50,000 people are vying for 20,000 tix some are gonna be disappointed…boo hoo, welcome to life.
    Save your outrage or channel it into something truly important.

  • Finally!!!! It’s too bad they didn’t make the announcement before tickets went on sale. Stub Hub should be offering a full discount since the tickets sold were technically fraudulent. I’ve seen tickets offered for sale on Stub Hub prior to them being released in anticipation of the seller buying the tickets later.

  • Good!! I Love the Foo Fighters and they care about their fans. I respect them even more for this!!

    • If they live there fans then why was the event organizer selling them on ticket master for 300 dollars on the day of the general public sale

    • If they love there fans then why was the event organizer selling them on ticket master for 300 dollars on the day of the general public sale

  • Good. Touts and scalpers need to be stopped. Going nuclear isn’t ideal, but it will send the message eventually.

  • I ain’t offended. If I can’t go, I can’t go. Scalpers need to be handled somehow!

  • The Foo Fighters don’t see any of the revenue that the secondary market brings in. I know it has been a big problem for a long time where scalpers will purchase massive amounts of tickets the second they are available just to flip on the secondary market. I wonder if the Foos are trying to change this behavior so those who actually want to see the show can purchase tickets at face value rather than some inflated amount.


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