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The Good Old Days: Crazy Record Label Stunts

There was a time when there was so much money flowing through the record industry that weird promotional stunts were not only indulged but encouraged. To wit:

  • A label rep pushing the new album by Toronto band Crash Vegas once towed an old Chevy Vega into the parking lot of the radio station and dropped it so it looked like it had crashed into my car. (Crashed Vega–geddit?)
  • REM’s record label once arranged for a pre-release album listening session for journalists. They flew writers and broadcasters from all over the world to eat and drink and listen to the record in Rio de Janeiro. Why? Just because.
  • In the late 90s, Korn’s label arranged for the band to drive a tank through downtown Toronto. A f**kin’ tank.

Those days are long, long gone. But man, they were great while they lasted. Cracked looks at five more crazy stunts that were actually approved as a normal part of doing business. (Via Tom)


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