The iPod Died This Week. Did You Notice?

Go to any official Apple website. will do. Look at the nav bar at the top. Notice anything different?

Apple Nav Bar


Where’s the link to iPod?

That link disappeared Monday after the Apple keynote at WWDC. In place of “iPod” we now have “Music.” Clicking on it takes you to a “coming soon” landing page (as of this morning, anyway) with ZERO mention of anything to do with the iPod.

This is the clearest indication yet that Apple is phasing out the device that turned the company around back in 2001. Okay, so the iPod isn’t entirely dead; you can still find iPods on the site, but you have to go “Store” and then scroll down to the very bottom and look for the link marked “Shop iPod” in very tiny letters. This is a huge demotion for the device.

Bottom line is that Apple has outgrown the iPod–and so has the marketplace. Apple doesn’t even break out iPod sales numbers in its quarterly reports anymore. The last time they did that was in October 2014 when they reported sales of 2.6 million iPods–a rounding error in the era of the iPhone. It’s only a matter of time before Apple stops selling the things.

More at Mashable.


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2 thoughts on “The iPod Died This Week. Did You Notice?

  • I can’t imagine i’m the only one that doesn’t want my 8 year old to have an iPhone. And yet she spends hours on the iPod we bought her last Christmas. They seem to be a trickle down product inheriting tech from the iPhone and AppleTV as they evolve.

    One would assume they would not leave such low hanging fruit for another company to grab a foot hold in the media player market space.

  • Thanku for the post


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