The Kanye West dumpster fire just keeps burning bigger and hotter

All joking aside, someone needs to step in and help Kanye because he’s having trouble, perhaps another episode of bipolar mania. He’s been saying and doing some really weird and offensive things over the last week. Even Donald Trump is distancing himself from Ye, saying that he’s “weird” and “needs help.”

Remember those “White Lives Matter” t-shirts that caused such a storm a couple of weeks back? He’s now handing them out to homeless people with the help of an accused serial rapist.

Go back and read that sentence one more time. Wut?

And get this: The family of George Floyd is preparing to sue Kanye for US$250 million. Ye went on the “Drink Champs” podcast and claimed that officer Derek Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck and that he actually died of a fentanyl overdose.

Add that into some recent antisemitic remarks that got him kicked off social media (prompting him to say he’s going to buy the far-right site Parler), claiming that his former mother-in-law Kris Jenner slept with Drake, and some weird observations about some imagined people around his kids, you have evidence of someone having a real tough time mentally.

Oh, did I mention the stuff he said to Tucker Carlson that was somehow mysteriously cut from his interview on Fox? (Add this to Ye’s claim that the “underground Jewish media mafia” is out to get him.

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6 thoughts on “The Kanye West dumpster fire just keeps burning bigger and hotter

  • Why does he need help? Because you are an extreme liberal and don’t agree with his perspective?

  • The only thing I noticed is your slanted political leanings. Kanye, Roger Waters, etc etc etc.
    Basically Kanye has mental issues because you disagree with him. So anyone you disagree with politically you think needs mental help? He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and even though I don’t watch Fox News I watched that interview and it was a very legit interview where he made a bunch of great points.

    Roger waters is crazy because he is not following the mainstream narrative coming out of the White House basically saying that Putin woke up one morning and decided to attack Ukraine for no reason at all.

    There are all kinds of viewpoints besides the ones that make one comfortable because they agree with it and feel coddled by it. A different view doesn’t make someone crazy or in need of mental help. In fact, those who can’t handle different views may in fact be the crazy ones who need to bee spoon fed and babied

    I know in the industry you are in, you can’t have a wavering view point because of risk of being cancelled but come on … some of the words you use to describe these things are ridiculous 😂

  • Wow! A Ye Stan made an appearance. You better check yourself, Alan! You lefty pinko! I hope Stan here doesn’t find out your Canadian too!

  • Ok Brad 😂 I actually don’t like Kanye but I can hear multiple sides to a story without thinking people are insane because I disagree with them. And yea, I do know said author is Canadian – so that means that there is a naive bias against certain thoughts.

  • I’m more bummed I used “your” and not “you’re.” I hate when I do that. I type to fast! (See what I did there?)


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