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The Kayne West Bible. An Actual Bible Where Kayne West is God.

There are many translations of the Bible: New King James, New American Standard, New Living Translation, Douay-Rhiems Catholic Bible, Revised Standard Version and so on. An now we have the New Standard Kanye West.

Someone has decided it would be a great idea to replace every reference to God in Genesis with Kanye West in a new translation (I guess that’s what you’d call it) called The Book of Yeezus. From the Etsy site:

We are here to spread a doctrine. Well, a pseudo-doctrine. We ask you to use your pulpit for Good.

A few months ago, my brothers and I embarked on a creative journey that began with a “What If?”:

What if the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of Western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society? What would it look like? What we came up with was an interventionist art, coffee-table novelty, that will appeal to both Kanye fans everywhere and those made curious by this enormous cultural phenomenon.

At it’s simplest, it is the book of Genesis, modified to feature “Kanye” or “Yeezus” in the place of God or Y—A. “In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth… And Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

In a sense, Kanye’s awesome and orchestrated spectacle is truly a religious experience. In a foreword, we explore our consumerist, quick-fix, and information-culture, and celebrate Kanye and the outsized significance he plays in our lives. All of this, bound in a black, hard-cover gold-leaf imprinted book.

We present to you the Book of Yeezus.

Oh, dear. (Via Pigeons and Planes)

On a semi-related subject, I’m sure you’ve often wondered if drums were a suitable instrument for church worship. This site seeks to answer that–but you might want to mute the volume before you click this link.


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