The latest look at how people consume audio entertainment in the car

RAIN reports on a new study by Edison Research on how we consume audio entertainment in our vehicles as we commute.

The study came in two parts. First, 1,000 commuters were surveyed online. To qualify, they had to commute at least 20 minutes daily in each direction. The second half used GoPro cameras to video the habits of 109 commuters. You know, just to keep everyone honest..

Keep in mind that these are US-based numbers.

  • According to the GoPro videos, 68% of drivers tuned into AM/FM radio. Nice, but that’s down from 83% in 2015.
  • They’re constantly switching between radio stations. Those aged 18-34 switched the most. 
  • Overall, people are 202% more likely to be station-hoppers when they’re listening to broadcast radio.
  • When it comes to new vehicles, high-tech infotainment systems are in huge demand.
  • Read more here.

Meanwhile, Nissan believes that traditional radio antennae of all kinds will be extinct by 2030 as listening moves online and to IP delivery instead of over-the-air broadcasts.

Alan Cross

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One thought on “The latest look at how people consume audio entertainment in the car

  • December 15, 2018 at 7:43 am

    I feel like such a relic. I’m a music collector, and I had to buy the ’16 model of my new car in order to even have a CD player available as an option.

    But nostalgia being what it is, I imagine by the time I replace it CD players will be back in vehicles and pricier than ever.


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