The latest song plagiarism controversy involves…Peppa Pig?

There are only so many ways the 12 notes of the Western musical scale can be combined. And the longer the modern recorded music industry exists, the more chances there are for duplication. Unintentional, perhaps, but inevitable, hence the growing list of copyright infringement cases where people insist their songs have been copied/misappropriated/stolen.

The latest involves–wait for it–Peppa Pig.

Louise Redknapp is going after Entertainment One, Peppa’s parent company, for £1million over the song “Party Time”–a Peppa hit–for infringing upon her 1996 hit, “Naked.” At issue is the speaking part in both.

In the Peppa version, note this section:  “I’m having a party/do you want to come/ there’s going to be lots of dancing and maybe some dancing in muddy puddles too.”

Then we have “Naked,” which, on paper, looks a little different:  “I can feel your eyes all over my body/I can read the signs, they’re sexual/ I can read your mind/I can see you want me/ Something in your eyes is sensual/ You make me feel naked/ Undressing me with your eyes/ You make me feel naked.”

But if you listen to the two, you might see an issue. And apparently eOne caved, agreeing to pay up. (This could be a consequence and condition of eOne’s recent sale to Hasbro.

Further details at the Mirror.

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