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4 thoughts on “The Music Industry Boom in India

  • FYI for your readers: CR (or crore) = 10,000,000. so 1000 CR = 10 000 000 000 (10 trillion)

    the exchange rate has hovered around the 50 rupee = $1 US dollar mark for a while now.

    Also, I read an indian music blog also (music blog bigamy!!! oh noes!!!): NH7. Last time I linked to it in the comments, my comment didn't get published. so google it:

    Bands I have discovered via NH7: swarthama, Raghu Dixit, Spud in the box, Avial, Many of these aren't as polished as western bands, but I enjoy them anyway.

  • Hey jmj,

    What is your conversion from/to? From Crore to Rupees? BTW your blog has some good finds, kudos. The first song I listened to – 'City Calm Down – Pleasure and Consequence' – has a great 80's feel. Sort of like White Lies.

    About this statistic though; I really would like to know how the types of music break down there. How much of it is strictly Indian music, and how much is western music, or western-style music? That would be interesting. India seems to be pretty inclusive with their music and culture but every market has outside tastes. With a population that huge I wonder how much – is that the new market to break into? Just some thoughts.

  • Mark:
    Approx 50 rupees=1 US dollar. (today it's 54). but we Indians use 50 as a rough conversion.
    1 crore=10 million.
    so 1000 crore= 10 trillion rupees, or $200 million dollars (if my math is right).

    I can't speak for the stats in the infographic. But anecdotally (sp?) I have heard the same. you already have a vibrant market for Bollywood music. But with regards to other styles, the culture of music seems to be booming. "Western", "indian folk" styles and fusions between them both produce (imo) great music. Raghu Dixit is one of these fusion artists and Avial is a band who is straight up rock but in a local language (Malayalam).

    Then there's metal. Metal is HUGE in India. Alan has had a post or two on that a while back. home grown metal, foreign metal, they don't care. They love their music hard!

    The NH7 blog I mentioned above has a "Five at 5" series where they get contributors to post 5 songs they're listening to. I've discovered a lot of cool music through that. Via Saturday's (3/22) 5 @ 5, I found Alain Johannes.

    (Granted I have less and less time these days to discover music, so many of my discoveries may be old!)

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