September 24, 2023
Music Industry

The Music Pro Summit returns. If you’re in the business, you should take a look at this.

[A report from correspondent Elisa F.G. – AC]

Ever wonder what influence gaming has is in the metaverse? Or how to approach the ‘Era of the Superfan’? Often ponder the future of radio? Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about but want to? Cool. Me, too.

The Music Pro Summit--an online music conference presented by Canada’s Indie Week–recently announced a whole slew of guest speakers that will be able to explain it all and after 3 days, 50+ speakers, 20+ sessions there may be very few questions left to ask, ok maybe there’ll still be a couple, for instance, is B2B networking what happens when a wholesaler and retailer fall in love? Do they make a B2B? (Ba-dum-tss!)

On September 5th-7th 2023 over fifty industry leaders will be having the discussions we all sorta need to have, what’s the future of the music industry looking like at this point – Is new AI and tech helping or hindering?

Should you want in on the conversation (from the comfort of your own home or favourite coffee bar) tickets for the virtual summit are available for $79.99 + tax and booking fee. This years meeting of the (industry) minds already consists of the following minds (with more still to come!)

  • Ted Cohen (TAG Strategic)
  • Ahmed Nimale (KYD Labs)
  • Anne Mckinnon (Ristband)
  • Dmitri Vietze (Rock Paper Scissors)
  • Jessica Powell (Audioshake)
  • Daniel Rowland (LANDR)
  • Robert Singerman (LyricFind)
  • Matthew Gorman (Cox & Palmer)
  • Darryl Hurs (CD Baby/DIT/INDIE WEEK)
  • David Hazan (DLH Strategic Marketing)
  • Sandra Sutter (Artist)
  • Jona Higa (SURF MUSIC)
  • Bruno Guez (Revelator)
  • Allie Shaw (Manic Monkee)
  • Rynda Laurel (Catalyst)
  • Ahmed Elgammal (Playform & Artrendex)
  • Gohree Kim (Amaze VR)
  • Charlie Wall-Andrews (SOCAN)
  • Jacquelle Amankonah Horton (Fave)
  • Rob Woe (Kilometre Music Group)
  • Josh Pothier (Kingsway Music Library)

With emerging trends and opportunities abound, there’s much to discuss!

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