The new AI radio announcer in Portland is not being received well. Good. Kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

A desperate 15th-place radio station in Portland, Oregon, is crowing about cloning Ashley, their midday announcer, with AI. The station–ironically called Live 95.5 (it may be “live” but not “a-live”) is getting roasted on Twitter–as it should–for this disrespectful assault on both the radio profession and audiences.

Ashley got the day off. How long before she (and everyone else on the station–and others) get ALL their days off? This is waaaaaaay different than using AI for something like overnights, weekends, and holidays (which I still hate). This is a MON-FRI MIDDAY SHIFT! And lest you think this is just about some radio DJ jobs, think again.

Here’s their post. I encourage you to read the entire thread. Negative responses outnumber the positive ones by 100-1. Good.

Meanwhile, this.

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2 thoughts on “The new AI radio announcer in Portland is not being received well. Good. Kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • Ashley is getting dragged on Instagram by a radio account that I follow, and I don’t disagree with the hate for the AI, but I feel bad for this young lady. She certainly isn’t single-handedly bringing this new awful chapter to radio, but she’s taking a lot of s**t.

    I was in radio for 20 years, been out for 6, and from what I seen in these last few years… It’s thunderdome in there. The people that are still holding on to their jobs are fighting everyday to keep them. I’m fairly certain radio isn’t going to have a glorious renaissance with full time staffs and great selections of music on every channel anytime soon… or ever.

    Radio still has this incredible reach, but everything is just going to keep shrinking and shrinking and getting worse.

    I had to borrow a friend’s truck to move some stuff 2 weekends ago. NO way to hook up my phone. So, I found a mostly 80’s music station, that got me through the two days of moving. I’m 100% Spotify in my car.

    1. Sat and Sun afternoon, I never even heard a recorded jock break. Music, sweepers, commercials… that was it!

    2. I heard an old spice commercial that ended with the tag… “Click the banner for more info.” They’re pulling spots off the internet and airing them on the radio!!!!!!

    Radio just can’t stop shooting itself in the foot and poor Ashley here is the latest bullet.

  • Death to our Overlords!


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