The Nickelback documentary Hate to Love will premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival [UPDATE AFTER THE SCREENING]

Why do many people profess to hate Nickelback? Do the really not like the band or are they just going along with the crowd that has for some reason declared them to the worst band in the world?

A new documentary entitled Love to Hate will premiere today (September 8) at 2pm EDT at the Toronto International Film Festival with a big screening at prestigious Roy Thompson Hall. This will be followed a few hours later by a free concert by the band along King Street at 7pm.

Here’s the trailer. And yes, one of those voices belongs to me as I try to bring some sanity to this irrational hate.

UPDATE: If you’re a Nickelback fan, you’ll love it. If you’re someone who knows Nickelback but doesn’t know their story, you will learn something. And if you’re Nickelback hater with the courage to attend the film, it may change your mind about some things.

Oh, and I show up on camera twice for a total of 3.5 seconds. I do, however, get quite a bit of voiceover time. In fact, mine is the second voice you hear in the film. I appear in the credits right next to Billy Corgan. And as a bonus, I can officially say that I’ve been in a movie with Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s a story about the film from Variety.

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4 thoughts on “The Nickelback documentary Hate to Love will premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival [UPDATE AFTER THE SCREENING]

  • I like ’em!

  • Loved the documentary! Well made and lots of good interviews.

  • Hey Alan,

    I was at the premier of Love to Hate. I loved it!! I’m a huge fan and also music documentaries are one of my favourite programs to watch.

    I was very pleased to see your appearance and hear your commentary. It was fitting that you should be part of it since you are Canada’s voice to all that is music. You have been for many years.

    I can think of 100 reasons you should have been part of that documentary and 0 why you shouldn’t have, but I’m very curious how you were approached and by who?

    The behind the scenes stuff is always the best!


    Dave Coolen

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  • I don’t hate or like the band; I’m indifferent. They’re just another commercial rock band IMHO. It is interesting to compare them to the The Tragically Hip though, another Canadian band that started about ten years earlier. While TTH have been canonized in Canada, Nickleback are derided by the so-called Canadian music establishment. In fact, Nickleback have been far more successful from a commercial standpoint, particularly internationally. I would also add (again IMHO) the musicianship in Nickleback was better (as a band and as individual musicians), than TTH. But the CBC and the Laurentian Elites like bands from Kingston who reflect their politics, as opposed to some hard working kids from Alberta.


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