Ongoing History of New Music

The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 872: 60 Mind-blowing facts about music in 60 minutes (2019 edition)

Here are somethings I learned over the last year. None of this knowledge is going to change my life or yours, but it is fun to have this stuff filed away somewhere.

  • The Donald Trump was figure at Madame Tussauds has its hair made from a blind of both human and yak. The eyebrows are made from squirrel fur.
  • The average American bra size is 34D.
  • There is vodka from the exclusive zone around the Chernobyl reactor in Ukraine. There’s only one bottle in existence, but the distiller says that it’s no more radioactive than any other vodka. Good to know, I guess.
  • Out of the UK, we heard this: Britons spend nearly four months of their lives waiting for the kettle to boil
  • And 2019 was the year one of the great controversies of the ages was settled for all time. An examination of the original patent for modern toilet paper–this is from 1891 and filed by Seth Wheeler, the inventor of perforated toilet paper–illustrates that the roll should be hung on the dispense so that it rolls over, not under. (Please save your email, The debate has been settled.)

Meanwhile, I also have a long list of music-released facts that came to my attention this year. Many of them were incorporated into various Ongoing History programs over the last 12 months. But there is also a giant pile of orphaned material, facts that is interesting and fascinating but didn’t make it into any program for whatever reason.

Maybe these factoids didn’t fit into any of this year’s topics. Maybe it was too off-brand. Or maybe they were just too, you know, out there.

But this research will not go to waste, I have distilled this information to a tight light of 60 so I maybe present them to you. This is the fifth album of “60 Mind-Blowing Facts About Music in 60 Minutes.”

Songs appearing on this episode:

  • Green Day, Knowledge
  • Nirvana, Heart-Shaped Box
  • The Prodigy, Firestarter
  • Tragically Hip, Blow at High Dough
  • Strokes, Someday
  • Jack Whit, Connected by Love
  • Queens of the Stone Age, No One Knows
  • Cage the Elephant, Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
  • Green Day, Geek Stink Breath
  • Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out

Then have this full playlist from Eric Wilhite:

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