The producers of a CFNY Spirit of Radio doc are looking for your help

If you’re of a certain age, you may have grown up with CFNY-FM/Toronto (now 102.1 The Edge) during the Spirit of Radio years, which extended from roughly 1977 through to 1991. It was an amazing time for both alternative music and radio. There’s a group of us that believe this era needs to be memorialized with a documentary.

We’ve started down the road towards making this a reality, but we’re still looking for material. This includes you in a CFNY t-shirt or hat or at a concert with a CFNY banner or a concert ticket with CFNY on it? That pic of you and that cool artist together before it was called that stupid selfie thing! We’re looking for material that may be used in the documentary. We need your help! Especially video which is so rare! Or audio! I know you’ve been dying to go through all your old stuff. It’s Spring! Perfect time!

We’re especially interested in home movies and video of CFNY events, concerts, the station and personalities. And you on staff during that era, we need to hear from you, too. We’ve been trying to find many of you, but you seem to have fallen off the grid.

If you can help, lemme know at [email protected]. Deadline is Monday, May 3. We wanna get things into production this summer.

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5 thoughts on “The producers of a CFNY Spirit of Radio doc are looking for your help

  • The Hip, Blue Rodeo, 54-40, Crash Vegas, The Box, at Molson park in the 80s and 90s… so many memories linked to cfny… not enough photos or videos! Can’t wait to see the documentary. Oh, nailing Chris(t) to a Cross?… classic

  • No photos as it was a time before recording every meal, encounter with friends, etc. However, as a loyal listener for years, CFNY was awesome. Hearing so many new artists and bands meant never getting bored with the same top 40 songs. It was a major part of my teen years and so glad it gave exposure to some amazing music!

  • I started listening in 1986. CFNY introduced me to The Smiths, Sons of Freedom, Killing Joke, World Party and many others. I was also very excited when my band Another Fine Mess was interviewed in the studio by Mae Potts and in the phone by Brother Billy Neil Morrison. Heady days. Lots of shows and lots of fun.

  • Hi,Alan-This sounds like an amazing project !
    As a teenager going to Mayfield SS in Brampton, from the studio in the little yellow house on hwy 10 to going to Ryerson when the station moved to Kennedy Rd, listening to CFNY seriously broadened my taste in music and introduced me to not only amazing Canadian artists but a whole world and spectrum of iconic talent…..John Cooper Clark, Magazine.Linton Kwesi Johnson, New Order and on and on.
    Nowhere else could anyone hear such an eclectic range of music (and let’s not forget Pete, Geets and Stafford)!
    I have some NY stuff of interest (posters, stickers, lapel pins) and can take pics if it helps….let me know !
    Sidebar- Late one night I actually went to the studio in the yellow house with some friends and Geets let us in and gave us a tour——very cool !

  • I won a trip to the Blue Jays spring training with Humble an Fred! Lots of pics from the trip, but i think i missed your deadline…


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