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The Queen Once Made an Album. No, Not Queen the Band. THE Queen.

In what will probably go down in history as one of the more peculiar collectible recordings of all time, it’s been revealed the Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret once made an album together.

It was 1990 and the girls wanted to do something for the Queen Mum’s 90th birthday. A pianist was summoned and the appropriate recording gear was brought into the palace. It’s known that one of the songs they recorded was “Where The Flies Go In Winter Time,” a sizeable hit for the girls when they were growing up.

This song and one other were recorded in one tape. The resulting performances were dubbed onto a cassette tape and then given to the Queen Mum. She loved it–although because she didn’t have a cassette player, she had to walk out to the car to listen to it.

Okay, so it’s not an album–more like a single, really–but this isn’t the sort of thing you hear a British monarch do.

To anyone’s knowledge, there was just one copy of this recording made. Sadly, it disappeared after the Queen Mum died in 2002.

Makes you wonder how much this tape might be worth should it ever be rediscovered…

(Via The Daily Mail)

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