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The Recommendation Project Part 24: The PERFECT Rock Song

Here’s a tough one.  In your opinion, what one song best embodies the spirit of rock?

Obviously, this could be a highly subjective question but I’d like you to try an approach it from an objective, scientific and anthropoligical point of view.

My choice is The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” from 1971.  It’s rebellious, opinionated, full of energy, brilliantly arranged, timeless in its sound and features perhaps the greatest scream ever recorded.  If I had to present an example of rock to an alien civilization, this is the song I’d use.

Then again, I could be full of it.  From your objective scientific perch, what’s your choice for the perfect rock song?

Here are the rules for The Recommendation Project.

1. Look me up on Rdio ( and find the playlist marked The Recommendation Project Part 24: The PERFECT Rock Song

2. Think about all the songs in your library and pick that one song you would use to present rock to an alien civilization.

3. Be objective and analytical.  Don’t just choose your favourite song.  Think about what the aliens need to know about rock.

4. Let your friends know about the project. Get them to contribute.  (And feel free to contribute to any of the previous 23 Recommendation Project playlists. All of them are open to you.)

5. And just so there’s no confusion, I don’t have any fiscal connection to Rdio other than I’m a regular $10/month subscriber.

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One thought on “The Recommendation Project Part 24: The PERFECT Rock Song

  • The movie Quadrophenia really movied me as a teen. The whole album embodies rock and any other Who album I didn't really enjoy.


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