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The science is in: Listening to AC/DC is good for your health

Music therapy is a powerful thing. But just like drugs used to treat disease, you need to target the problem with the right meds. In some cases, the cure (or at least help) for what ails you just might be AC/DC.

A study by researchers at Harvard (revealed on the AC/DC Beyond the Thunder podcast) says AC/DC’s music can be used to release both endorphins and dopamine, leading to feelings of happiness and well-being.

Okay, duh. The right music can do this for anyone. What makes AC/DC special?

Dr. Mark Tramos, the former Director of the Institute for Music & Brain Science, Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School and Mass General Hospital, says that AC/DC is like a chemo drug. Because of the riffs, beats, melodies, and simple lyrics, the band’s material seemed perfectly tuned for maximum effectiveness.

Listening to AC/DC can improve heart rate and blood pressure. It can help regulate and boost muscle activity, leading to better athletic performance, strength, endurance, and power. If a surgeon listens to AC/DC while operating, he/she will make fewer mistakes because the music has an ability to encourage focus. And if AC/DC is prescribed to a cancer patient, there is a significant chance that anxiety and pain will be reduced. This in turn will improve the effectiveness of any medication.

If you’re got some aches and pains, take two “Hell’s Bells” and call me in the morning.

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