The Twitter sh*tshow, New Year’s Eve edition

I’m going to guess that if he could invent a time machine, Elon Musk would go back and NOT buy Twitter. That’s not going to happen so we’re left gawking in horror at what he’s doing to the company. Sorry, fanboys, but your genius seems to be anything but.

Twitter employees have to bring their own toilet paper to work

Janitorial services to HQ have been cut. No one is replacing empty bog rolls.

Elon’s Twitter takeover isn’t playing well around the world

People are angry, confused, and worried about what might happen if Twitter becomes a conduit for misinformation and hate.

He’s got a Trumpy way of shutting down critics

Like the Twitter he’s creating, Musk doesn’t seem to have a lot of checks and balances when it comes to speech. Things can get vulgar.

His conservative politics are hurting his overall brand

Listen, the world is highly polarized when it comes to political views. Great. Take a stand for what you believe. Just be prepared for the blowback.

Elon is telling employees to be prepared for a rally in Telsa’s fortunes

Tesla stock is down 70% this year. Consumers are also figuring out that Tesla isn’t the only brand of EV. But Elon believes that 2023 will the year Tesla will become the most valuable company on Earth.

But does Does Tesla + Twitter = Toast?


That global Twitter outage earlier this week…

…was caused by Elon’s “significant” backend server architecture changes.

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