The unfolding Twitter disaster, Monday edition. Wow, dude.

As Elon Musk enters his second week as the owner of Twitter, things continue to be weird, awkward and frustrating.

Maybe Elon shouldn’t have fired all those people.

Twitter is already trying to rehire workers that were let go on Friday. “You were laid off by mistake.” Ah. That inspires confidence.

The new blue checkmark plan is biting Elon on the ass.

One of the big concerns about selling verification for eight dollars a month is that anyone can make a profile under someone else’s name and become an impossible-to-detect imposter. Elon is finding that out himself as there are now a bunch of verified Elon Musk accounts that aren’t him. He now says that impersonators should be banned permanently. And how, exactly, are you going to do this?

Elon’s idea of free speech is absolute–unless you’re making fun of him.

Comedian Kathy Griffin has been banned from Twitter after a little Elon mocking. And you need a “parody” label now?

And what’s this about possible Saudi influence?

A Saudi prince with ties to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a US$1.89 billion stake in Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?

Elon recommended his followers vote Republican in tomorrow’s mid-term elections and…

as Tesla stock tanks. Could it have been the retweet of the Nazi meme? (That’s a Nazi soldier in the photo below.) Should you be concentrating on building cars and rockets?

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