The Upside of Having Courtney Love as Your Mom

There are the obvious downsides to having Courtney Love as a your mom. However, being her daughter can have its, “compensations.”

Courtney’s daughter–Kurt Cobain’s kid–is Frances Cobain and mom and daughter aren’t really getting along that well.  But let’s rewind to when she had her tenth birthday on August 18, 2002.  

Frances and ten friends were flown by private jet to Las Vegas where each of the kids was allowed to wander the aisles of the world-famous FAO Schwartz toy store.  They were told that they could cram their big shopping bags with as much stuff as they could.

 That took two days.  When Frances finally got home, she was awakened the next day by Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators.  They took her to see Mommy–who gave her a thoroughbred horse.  

And you think you’ve been to some spoiled kid birthday parties…

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2 thoughts on “The Upside of Having Courtney Love as Your Mom

  • April 1, 2012 at 2:53 am

    too bad Frances only got to keep her horse long enough to get super attached, before it was repossessed because mommy-dearest wasn't paying the bills like she should have. Established fact. Also, it's kinda' freakish to get woken up by impersonators (more drug buddies?) and "taken" to see mommy. Where was mommy, anyway? Mommy should have lovingly woken her up and taken Frances to see the impersonators, if anything. Those things were by using Kurts money, not her own, btw. Paid for from Frances's own trust fund. terrible childhood! 🙁 The public that I'm aware of is completely in awe of Frances for being able to Live Thruough This, and be the strong, young woman she has become. More POWER to ya, FBC!!!!!

  • May 15, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    FUCK OFF GHOSTFACE. *sigh* You are an ignorant and a half. Yes because Courtney wasn't at all trying to give her daughter what she never had as a child. Stop being so jealous. FBC wouldn't even have such a generous trustfund if it wasn't for her mother. Frances gives her away her own pets all the time and doesn't seem to care that much either. Hardly the little angel herself. Stop sucking up like someone you don't even know is god's gift. You know NOTHING douchebag.


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