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2 thoughts on “The Weezer Comic Book

  • February 11, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    I think Weezer is the only band from my childhood that I have actively rejected as an adult.

    Grew up with the blue album and Pinkerton, and fucking loved them. Weezer was one of my first favourite bands. Then there was that excruciating hiatus where we always hoped they would one day make a new album.

    …that day came and holy hell was it ever a disappointment. No matter, maybe they were just playing it safe and the next one would be better… NOPE. HOLY HELL WHY ARE THEY STILL MAKING MUSIC?

    Their comeback retroactively wrecked the first two albums for me. How could I have ever liked Pinkerton? Oh look it's a grown man crying about having too much meaningless sex or wanting to get with an under-aged chick and coming out to the world about his yellow fever.

    The blue album suddenly felt hopelessly shallow and too "safe", like the self-titled green one, to fit in with 90s alternative I still adore.

    Here's an article I stumbled across a while ago with similar sentiments put together much more eloquently. "Weezing to a Halt".

    Humorously, it was written in 2006 when Cuomo claimed Weezer was "done" AND YET THEY'RE STILL MAKING HORRID MUSIC.

    But ask me how I really feel.

  • February 11, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    I still like them. Mainly because of my kids. My son is 8 now. Weezer were the first band he got into. Mainly because of that awesome video for Keep Fishing, featuring The Muppets. The we picked up their DVD video compilation, and he would airband his way through the videos, all at the tender age of 4. Now I'm teaching him to play guitar, and it's weezer songs he can play. Weezer and Blur.

    They're catchy, they're inoffensive, hope they keep on doing what they're doing.


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