The World’s Most Radio-Friendly Song

You might be amazed at how uptight broadcast regulators and some members of the public are about the lyrical content of songs. Canadians can be a little hair-triggery when it comes to kvetching about bad words in songs leading to the long, laborious procedure of answering their Canadian Broadcast Standards Council complaint.

Program Directors HATE CBSC complaints because the whole process can be set in motion by one–that’s ONE–easy-to-file online submission. At least we’re not in the US where the FCC has the power to fine radio stations hundreds of thousands of dollars for an errant naughty word.

Monty Python explains it very well.

FYI Music News points us to Jon Lajoie, a Montreal artist who set out to create the world’s most radio-friendly song.


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One thought on “The World’s Most Radio-Friendly Song

  • November 9, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Ha ha! I love Jon Lajoie. It totally needs an “NSFW” on it for the uninitiated 🙂


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