Ongoing History of New Music

There was a celebration for the 1000th episode of The Ongoing History of New Music last night.

The Ongoing History of New Music debuted as a one-hour radio music documentary show on February 28, 1993. On the weekend of December 16-17, the 1000th episode of the program will run on stations across North America.

A thousand shows over thirty years. That’s a long time to be doing any one thing and a feat rarely seen in radio these days. So last night (December 5), we did something we’ve never done before: A taping of an episode in front of a live audience of invited fans and contest winners at Corus Quay in Toronto. It was pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone who came for the show and the hang out. (One dude came from as far away as Vancouver!) We’ll have to do this again in another 1000 episodes.

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