September 16, 2023
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There’s a New Form of Alt-Right Electronica. It’s Called Trumpwave.

If you’re familiar with the various corners of electronic music, you may have run across a genre called ‘vaporware,” a hard, intense sound that is often reminiscent of the electronic body music of the 1980s. Think Laibach, Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb mixed with the soundtrack of Blade Runner.

Over the last few years, though, parts of the vaporware scene have been adopted, co-opted and overtaken by genuine fascist music-makers as a vehicle for their racist white supremacist views and philosophies.

Fashwave (the “fash” comes from “fascist”) seems to be growing in popularity (read up on it here) and spinning off sub-genres. One of them is called Trumpwave. Thump reports:

“Trumpwave” is an exemplar of the genre by the same name. Trumpwave shares an alt-right audience and at least one producer—Cyber Nazi—with fashwave. But the fashwave off-shoot is distinct in appropriating mainly vaporwave, and in its emphasis, through both sampled audio and video clips, on The Donald himself.

In Trumpwave, he is recast as the modern-day inheritor of the mythologized 80s, a decade that is taken to stand for racial purity and unleashed capitalism. “Ivanka Vaporwave,” a production by an alt-right YouTube channel, slows down the Cosmat Angels’ 1985 “I’m Falling” over old clips of Trump’s daughter Ivanka modeling as a young teenager. Cyber Nazi’s “Take Back Our Future” rolls light muzak over stock footage of early 90s New York on a sunny day and Trump awkwardly dancing on Saturday Night Live.

There’s more here. What’s wrong with people?


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