There’s Now a Streaming Service for Kids

There are so many examples of stereotypical adult activities that have been redesigned for kids, such as getting them involved in a kids tennis league. I’m surprised that no one has thought of this before: a streaming service just for children. Makes sense, really. From Billboard:

Rhapsody has been streaming music for some time now — long enough, apparently, for its developers and subscribers to have made people of their own, little people who they may not want to be listening to, for example, Coil’s “The Anal Staircase.” To that end the company — which has 3 million subscribers in 30 countries, and whose own research told them over half of those listeners have children — has created a new section of its streaming app specifically designed for kids.

Rhapsody Kids, the first of its kind in pure-play streaming, features at least one clever feature parents will recognize — and pull out the headphones for. “Kids wanna hear the same song over and over and over, so the default setting has ‘repeat’ on,” says Nathan Rozendaal, senior director of product for Rhapsody and the brains behind Rhapsody Kids.

“Having your kids grab your phones and drain your battery is… challenging,” laughs Jessica Abramson, head of global brand marketing and public relations for Rhapsody. With Rhapsody Kids, you can “pass your phone and put it into kids mode, and they can navigate it easily.”

Well, that would sure be better than you putting together playlists for the kids. Read the rest of the story here.

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