There’s a Waffle House Record Label? Really?

If you’ve travelled through certain parts of the US, you may have had the misfortune to eat at Waffle House, quite possibly the most unhealthy chain of restaurants anywhere. The amount of calories per portion of…well, anything on their menu is so high that you can feel your heart chambers clogging up just by walking through the door.

We once stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House in Kentucky on our way to pick up a brand new bull terrier from a breeder. Eight years later, those eggs, waffles and hash browns are still in my colon. The words “Waffle House” are like Ipecac to my wife.

But there’s more to Waffle House than indigestible breakfast griddle cakes. They company also has a record label. (Hey, if Red Bull can have one…)

Waffle House Records isn’t exactly the biggest indie label in America, but it has been in operation since the middle 80s. The roster is agnostic to musical genres, spanning rock, pop, R&B and a little gospel. And before you ask if any of the s0ngs are about waffles, well, there is a little corporate plugging in the lyrics.

A collection of WH “hits” includes titles like “Make Mine with Cheese,” ” Waffle House Steaks,” “Over Easy” and “They’re Cooking Up My Order.” Don’t believe me? Look!

And let me play you this ditty.

To learn more–and to prove that I didn’t just make all this up–head over the NY Daily News.

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