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These guys may be the Storage Wars kings after he found some tapes in a locker.

If you’ve ever binged Storage Wars, you’ve probably wondered if some of those treasures are planted just to make good TV. Here’s a situation where a couple of guys bought a locker and may have found a trove of valuable master recording tapes.

Alex Stevens and Andrew Cordova live in Northern California who bought an abandoned storage locker for US$30. Normally, they spend five dollars on these lockers and can usually flip the contents for up to $200. That’s a nice ROI but nothing earth shattering. (Note: They’re not part of the whole Storage Wars empire but they play the same game.)

But then they bought a locker at a facility in Tracy, California, which is east of the Bay Area. There was the usual clothing junk (mostly useless), a fur coat (could be something), and an old Mac computer (interesting to collectors.)

Underneath all that were some boxes filled with two-inch master recording tapes labeled “Death Row Records.” Whoa.

The tapes need to be preserved and carefully examined before it can be determined what they contain. Speculation is that they might contain unreleased tracks from Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, and DJ Quick.

Documenting things will be complex. For example, how do you determine ownership rights to something like this? But if the tapes are authentic and do contain unreleased material by Death Row superstars, the find could be worth millions.

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