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Think You’re Entitled to a Piece of Prince’s Inheritance? Get in Line.

The estate of Prince is in turmoil. With no will to be found–It’s unconscionable that he failed to draw one up–the state is in charge of sorting out who gets what from Prince’s kingdom.

At the moment, the most legitimate claim comes from Prince’s sister Tyka and his five living half-siblings, Sharon, Norrine and John Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson. (Half-siblings are considered as full brothers and sisters under Minnesota law.) No one is contesting their blood relation to Prince.

Then there’s Duane Nelson, one of Prince’s two deceased half-siblings. He has a teenage granddaughter named Victoria who is entitled to her share. Lorna, the other deceased half-sibling, had no children.

There is, however, an unidentified Minnesota man who claims to be Prince’s illegitimate love child. This claim triggered a court order that all would-be heirs be subjected to DNA testing, If this dude is Prince’s son, he gets everything.

But he’s not the only person who says he’s a Prince offspring or sibling. So far, Morse Genealogical Services says they’ve received up to seven hundred claims from people saying they’re related.

But Minnesota will take a 16% cut with their death tax while the feds will scoop up a further 46%(!!!). Still, 38% of a reported $300 million is a lot–and that doesn’t necessarily include the rights to all of that music in Prince’s vault and all the proceeds from the millions of songs Prince has sold since his death. There are those who believe that Prince’s estate could be work more than a billion dollars once all the dust settles.

Let’s all learn from this, kids. Make a will.

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