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This AC/DC-adjacent album helps surgeons in the operating room

We all know that many surgeons play music in the operating room as a way of keeping things calm, creating a rhythm to the work, and to enhance concentration. But as far as I know, no one has recorded an album for exactly this purpose. Until now.

NextMed Health and an agency called Klick Health used AD/DC as the source code for an album just for surgeons and surgery. It’s an 11-track record (called Highway to Heal, of course) performed by a series of tribute band musicians.

Three songs have already been released, coordinated with the 50th anniversary of the founding of AC/DC. The full album will be available next month through a station called Lifesaving Radio, which features a ChatGPT AI DJ called Angus.

I quote from MuseByClio: “Angus speaks directly to the surgical teams, offering encouragement and amping up the energy, since he knows who’s in the room and what kind of procedure they’re performing…This is just the beginning, with implications and applications far beyond the OR, to enhance clinician and patient experience, and most importantly contribute to better health and results in a meaningful way.”

Here’s a sample called “Shoot to Drill” which is aimed at oral surgeons.

All you people who want to eat up the sweets
But don’t floss are never gonna learn
Just keep a-brushing, open your mouth up for me
This tooth extraction’s gonna make you squir

I’m gonna lay you down, oh, down, down, down
So, don’t you move around
I’m gonna pull it, pull it, pull your mola

Shoot to drill, play to fill
Too many cavities up in your grill, I said
Shoot to drill, play to fill
I got my forceps all ready, gonna pry it, stay still, yeah

I’m not evil, I get off on your grin
Turn up the gas, we’re ready to go
I’m not medieval, I got everything
And when I’m finished your teeth’ll glow

When the album does come out, it’ll be able on “scrub-coloured vinyl.”

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