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This is the best excuse for rock star celibacy I’ve ever heard

Fans of The Kinks now that the Davies brothers are interesting specimens. When they’re not fighting with each other, they’re often getting involved in weird things. Remember when Ray was shot chasing down muggers in New Orleans? Interviews like this are an awful lot of fun, too.

The latest bit of weirdness comes from Dave. He says an alien–an extraterrestrial–gave him a “sex ban” that took away his sexual desire after an encounter in 1982.

According to the British tabloid The Star (please consider the source), Dave says that while on tour in Virginia, the alien(s), beings that he refers to as “the intelligences,” took over his mind and started beaming voices into his head.

“They told me I must not have sex and, although I was able to walk normally, my groin and pelvis suddenly became numbed, like they’d blocked any sensation down there. The reason being, they told me, was they wanted to transmute my sexual energy to a higher vibrational level.

“I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so peculiar. I didn’t feel physically ill. This was different. “Suddenly I had a feeling like a boa constrictor had wrapped itself around my forehead and was pressing hard. What the f***?”

It was like my brain had flicked on a new psychic switch. After the initial jolt, I didn’t feel panicked or alarmed. These voices had a commanding presence, but were also non-threatening, calming even. My senses were overwhelmed. Where were these voices coming from? Were they floating close by? Or an alien force from many thousand miles away? I began to feel their presence. I could already hear them. Then I felt them physically and my nostrils were filled with different smells – again nothing unpleasant or sinister.

“In fact, the smells – of fresh flowers like jasmine and magnolia – had a fragrance so full I felt like I could have scooped them up with a spoon.”

This and more is available in his new memoir called Living on a Thin Line.

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