This is the worst song in the world. It was designed that way by science.

You may have your own idea of The Worst Song in the World–“All I Want for Christmas is You” is at the top of my list for the moment–but such a judgement is extraordinarily subjective. Your worst song is someone else’s favourite. But what if all the resources of science were marshalled to manufacture a song that was deliberately and conclusively bad?

It’s happened, thanks to Vitaly Komar, Alex Melamid and David Soldier, three scientists in search of the Ultimate Sh*ttiest Song Created by Humans. They gathered as much data about bad songs as they could and then used it to engineer something deliberately awful.

They believe that only 200 people out of the eight billion on this planet will find this composition pleasurable. A full breakdown of what went into this project can be found here. But I know you’d rather skip to the song itself. And yes, it is truly, wonderfully, deliberately grotesque. (Via Rick J)

If you’re still with me, here’s another example of someone really, really trying to be bad.

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One thought on “This is the worst song in the world. It was designed that way by science.

  • The best part of this article, is that there are no speakers for the computer I am using. But then I didn’t think Friday Night was that bad. I just thought it was kind of amateur sounding. Which is what I expected from a 13 yr old. I bet I am one of the 200 who would find something to like about this. But I have no desire to find out. Little victories. Sometimes it’s all about the little victories.


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