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This music snob is making a cry for help regarding today’s music (part 1 of 2)

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Hello. My name is Alan and I’m a music snob. It’s been about 15 years since my last unwarranted, obnoxious, snarky comment about someone else’s musical taste.

But I’m here to ask you for some help. I’m afraid that I’m reverting to my old ways.

To confess: I used to be terribly intolerant when it came to music. When I look back on things, I feel shame at my wanton ignorance. “AC/DC isn’t worth the time because the drums are boring!” I’d cry as my friends fired up Back in Black in the car. “Jim Morrison isn’t a poet. He’s a poseur!” I’d shout. “The only good Supertramp album is Crime of the Century. The rest are rubbish.” And don’t get me started on disco.

I went on like this for years, alienating friends and strangers alike. The situation only got worse when I landed at CFNY-FM (now 102.1 the Edge) in Toronto, one of the biggest alternative rock stations on the planet. Being snobbish about music was not only tolerated but encouraged. In fact, it might as well have been in the job description. The staff somehow believed that we listened smarter, our music was of higher quality, and the alt-rock lifestyle was superior to all others.

We were the underdogs, the outliers, the weirdos. Not only were we proud of this self-proclaimed status, but we also revelled in it. I bought in completely. To outsiders, we all must have been insufferable.

But then, an unexpected moment of clarity.

Keep reading. You’ll soon get to the part of where I need help with today’s music. And it’s not just me. See?

Alan Cross

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3 thoughts on “This music snob is making a cry for help regarding today’s music (part 1 of 2)

  • Damn, you are right on the head. I can’t stand anything new. Someone like Post Malone with his auto tune blah, but he has talent, evidenced by the band’s Covid relief set of Nirvana tunes. Damn, I thing they did it better than Nirvana, I know sacrilege, just my humble untrained ears opinion.

  • Finally someone has said it! I thought I was just being crazy. Thank you. Too bad nothing will change.

  • “My music consumption doubled then trebled then exploded exponentially with richness.”

    I can’t tell if this is a pun, typo or autocorrect issue 🙂


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