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This new music documentary will be almost impossible to see because–well, let me explain.

Even a casual flip through Netflix reveals that music documentaries continue to be a very big deal these days. But at least one filmmaker isn’t interested in having his work seen by…well, almost anyone.

Chad Stockfleth is a fan of Elephant 6, a collective of musicians who operate a record label that’s been in business since 1991. The roster includes such indie darlings as Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, and The Olivia Tremor Control, all groups that have a reputation of doing things differently.

About five years ago, Stockfleth produced a doc on Elephant 6 called A Place We Have Been To. It is now being reissued under the title A Future History Of: The Elephant 6 Recording Co. But good luck finding it.

First of all, the doc will only be available in select US cities (we think Chicago, Atlanta, Athens, New York, Portland, Louisville, Denver, and Los Angeles). Second, it won’t be screened in theatres or made available on Netflix. You’ll need to rent it on VHS.

You read that correctly.

So where you can you find these tapes? Good question. You’ll need to locate a flyer promoting the doc (In hipster coffee shops? Indie record store? We don’t know), call a phone number and the request an opportunity rent the tapes. When a copy arrives, the box will include a library-card thing to sign and return with the tape when you’re finished. You’ll also be supplied with more flyers to distribute.

This makes a little more sense when you understand the whole project was conceived as an art project. Still, you really, really have to be a fan to bother, right?

(Via AV Club)

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