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This US Supreme Court decision on lifetime gun bans means you’d better not have sold bootleg cassettes

On Monday (April 19), the US Supreme Court refused to hear appeals on a federal law that would see a lifetime ban from buying a gun if they were convicted of a non-violent crime.

What kinds of non-violent crimes? I’m glad you asked. The law would have prohibited people convicted of the following felonies from ever owning a gun.

  • Driving under the influence
  • Making false statements on an income tax return
  • Selling counterfeit cassette tapes.

Wait–what? Cassettes? Who wrote this law?

Turns out that back in the 80s, a man pleaded guilty for making, smuggling, and selling bootleg cassettes. As part of his sentence, he was prohibited from owning a gun for the rest of his life. He challenged the ban but this ruling effectively dashes any changes of him from being a firearm owner ever again.

Gun rights activists are furious.

(Via USA Today)

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3 thoughts on “This US Supreme Court decision on lifetime gun bans means you’d better not have sold bootleg cassettes

  • I wouldn’t worth being a felon hasn’t stopped them from getting guns. It just changed where you get them from.

  • The Dem. are out of control!! With this Gun control agenda. It is our 2nd amendment right to own a firearm of any kind! Our fourfarthers saw this government doing this to us . It was so important that they made it the 2nd Amendment. The 1st free speech and the right to worship as we wish!!

  • The real problem is who was behind this in the first place!!! Who was behind it and how they got this ban all the way to the Supreme Court. The names of those people need to be crucified in ALL media. The reason is simple , I NEVER HEARD OF THIS BSN ON GINS UNTIL NOW TODAY 4/22/21!!!! THOSE BASTARDS NEED TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID!!!!


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