This Week’s Top 11 Playlist – 25 May 2012

A couple of friends here in Singapore kidnapped me last night, insisting that I join them for a meal of frog’s leg porridge (just like it sounds) followed by durian, which is quite possibly the world’s most objectionable fruit. At some point, the topic of music came up.  

Singapore and other countries in SE Asia have no history with rock music:  the sound, the attitude, the social effects, the fashion, gigs, hearing it on the radio–nothing.  This has given many people of certain generations an interesting sense of what they believe to be “good” music.  

“Show me your playlists,” I said.  He handed over his phone.  I was appalled.

No Beatles, no Stones, no Zeppelin, no Floyd.  No U2, no Coldplay, no Jack White.  His artist list was populated by Rick Astley, Johnny Gill, Hall and Oates, Whitney Houston–an endless parade of soft AC artists from the 80s.  I wasn’t entirely surprised since this is what the radio stations play around here.  It is some of the worst radio I’ve ever heard in my life.

“I don’t see any Adele here.  Don’t you like her?”

“Who’s Adele?” he replied.  

“You need some schoolin’.  Come to my blog in the morning and I’ll give you my weekly playlist of new and cool tracks.”

“Will it have any new Air Supply?” he asked.

I clobbered him with a durian husk.  He had it coming.

* * * 

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The Magnetic North: Stromness Artist InfoBuy

Keaton Henson: You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are Artist InfoBuy

Allo Darlin’: Artist InfoBuy

Rocket Juice & The Moon: 1-2-3-4-5-6 Artist InfoBuy

Zomby: Alothea Artist InfoBuy

White Hills : Song of Everything Artist InfoBuy

PS I Love You: Don’t Go Artist InfoBuy

Beach House: Other People Artist InfoBuy

Best Coast : Last Year Artist InfoBuy

Silverstein: Forget Your Heart Artist InfoBuy

Spiritualized: Hey, Jane Artist InfoBuy

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