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Ticketmaster using new anti-bot images

We’re all sick of Ticketmaster’s verification images, the little boxes that need to be clicked as part of the process to verify you’re a human being instead of a ticket bot.

(The usefulness of this whole ridiculous clicking is neither here nor there, but we all know it does a whole lot of nothing to actually stop bots from gobbling up all the tickets to major shows. Anyway.)

But have you noticed it’s changed?

In attempting to buy presale tickets for Hollerado’s farewell show on Thursday morning, this image came up:

Instead of just clicking any box with an image of a car or a street sign, Ticketmaster’s now asking to click on the symbols in a particular sequence.

What do you think? Will this make any difference at all or is it just another annoying step standing between you and your favourite bands?

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2 thoughts on “Ticketmaster using new anti-bot images

  • saw that yesterday too- while trying to purchase Morrissey tickets..
    absolutely ridiculous –another stalling tactic to allow even more bots purchase tickets before any real fans do. I don’t want to be playing games I WANT MY TICKETS and every second counts..
    and on top of that- surprised no one is making an issue regarding this whole new Ticketmaster Waiting Room line up for onsales– what a nightmare- and should be abolished-
    and the new website- onsale page-just noticed it is now not compatible with most browsers – can’t exit to select tix ( so no one can get tix while you are at work now) cause most companies won’t update browsers.
    heard a lot of people have experienced that too in their workplaces.
    ( as we know-ticket onsales are during work hours )
    by the time you actually get to the page on the onsale time- you have to go through all the above mentioned captchas
    and no tickets are left…the system sucked before –and was brutal
    and now it is beyond stressful…creating high level anxiety trying to get tickets. TM truly don’t want real fans in the seats. only scalpers and overpaying rich elite..
    and don’t get me started on the TM resell and premium seats on their OWN SITE…what a vicious attack on concert goers.
    shameful… and it is only getting worse-
    yes..I am livid… sorry for my ranting.. but I feel I am definitely not alone on this one…

  • My most memorable concert is David Bowie performing Diamond Dogs at The O’Keefe Centre in Toronto. I just went to a music store and bought tickets. So Easy!


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