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Ticketmaster’s latest offer: Get a refund now or credit for shows later

Days after announcing a way for music fans and sports enthusiasts to get refunded if an event is postponed and rescheduled, Ticketmaster has one more option for people missing out on fun. 

Last Friday, both Ticketmaster and AEG announced they will give fans a window for getting refunded if an event is postponed and rescheduled due to coronavirus. That came after several days and accusations that Ticketmaster had changed its ticket refund and cancellation policy without allowing fans to get their money back if an event won’t happen as scheduled. 

Now Ticketmaster’s parent company is offering another option for fans: We’ll give you your money back (if you ask for a refund within 30 days after a show is rescheduled), OR we’ll give you the value of your ticket plus a little extra in credit. 

“Live Nation will soon be rolling out ‘Rock When You’re Ready,’ a full program of options for fans with tickets to shows that have been cancelled or rescheduled,” the company says. “Our venues will be offering loyal fans a variety of Concert Cash credits to put towards future ticket purchases. For cancelled shows, fans can choose to receive up to 150% of their ticket value as Concert Cash, and for reschedule shows they will receive Concert Cash once they attend the new date.”  

If fans want to pay it forward, they’ll also have the chance to donate tickets to health care workers via Live Nation’s Hero Nation program, the company adds. 

The company’s website describes Hero Nation as an internal resource group “dedicated to fostering a supportive and progressive environment for our US military veteran employees and their families — focusing on education, networking and career development opportunities.”

But if a fan needs their money back sooner, they can get a full refund within 30 days of the announcement of a new date or if a show’s cancelled. “It takes an entire ecosystem to bring live events to life, and we appreciate the patience of fans as our teams work through the details of shifting these shows with artists, venues, and communities around the world,” the company says. “Exact offers will vary based on show and venue, and will be shared directly with ticketholders when they are available, beginning May 1.”

What do you think? Would you rather get the refund or take the credit toward a future show? Keep in mind, we might not be going to a show anytime soon.

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3 thoughts on “Ticketmaster’s latest offer: Get a refund now or credit for shows later

  • Even though Eventbrite has become my new ticket vendor nemesis, TM was always the first 😉

    I would NOT trust them to do the right thing and honor the credit. I was part of the Schlessinger Class Action Law Suit and they have NEVER given me part of the settlement – access to shows free and the other part of the settlement is vouchers for TM or LN and they don’t put them back if a show gets cancelled, they don’t let you use as many as are allowed (up to 5) and whether or not the vouchers work is in question every time I go to use them. PLUS, they really add time to the ticket buying experience. If you make one slip of the mouse, you get to go back to square one. I’ve lost seats that way. Yep, it was my slip but they truly know nothing on web design or are just Evil – and they are. Evil, that is. Don’t be tempted. Get ALL your money back as soon as you can before they figure a way to screw you over.

  • Sounds like another scheme to me.

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