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Tickets to Metallica’s Opera House Show are Going for HOW MUCH on Secondary Sites? You’re Kidding…

Mike really wanted tickets to Metallica’s Daily Bread Food Bank benefit show at the Opera House in Toronto this coming Tuesday. Shut out of getting tickets the usual way, he went to the secondary market. That’s when he found this.


That’s in USD, by the way. “This is CRAZY,” Mike thought. “I’ll try again.” Not a good idea.


Insane. I did a little snooping around other secondary ticket sites and found prices ranging from about $2,000 to $6,000 each. And they’re all the same: general admission standing room only.

Maybe Metallica should do what Coldplay did for an upcoming show at the National Stadium in Singapore. They’ve declared all tickets sold on the secondary market null and void. I like it.

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8 thoughts on “Tickets to Metallica’s Opera House Show are Going for HOW MUCH on Secondary Sites? You’re Kidding…

  • The regular ticket prices are starting to get out of control much less the pricing on the secondary ticket market. The only real way this ends is if people stop paying these insane prices for tickets. The demand goes away and this market collapses or re-adjusts. Until then we only have each other to blame for this pricing for tickets. Just my opinion.

  • What the fuck is wrong with some people??? There will never be a show ever worth $6,000 for 3 hours of entertainment unless there is a space shuttle ride included or someone can dig up a few Beatles.

  • Per Ticketmaster: “All tickets are restricted to Box Office Pick Up, DAY-OF-SHOW only. No name changes are allowed. Tickets are non-transferable. You must present your photo ID and credit card used for purchase for ticket pick up. You must enter the venue with your guest immediately after ticket collection. No re-entry allowed. For more information visit”

    Anybody considering secondary market, if the price doesn’t scare you away, this probably should.

  • Good. I hope no one goes. Being no one seems to be getting the message.

    What’s Lars thoughts? I’m having Napster flashback.

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  • We’ve all come to absolutely despise ticket reseller sites and bots that have made it impossible to acquire tickets the normal way (sitting at your computer 20-30 minutes before “on sale” with a cup of coffee in one hand and mouse hovering over the refresh button in the other). And we have that right… not only are they taking away a fan’s opportunity to be part of something but it’s blatant greed and drives me up the wall. And every site is in USD AND has service fees (also in USD), it’s damn near impossible these days. I used to be OK with the guys who’d get lucky enough to get their hands on tickets and then kijiji them for a slight mark up to make a bit of cash, but those guys have gotten just as greedy (see Tragically Hip prices from the summer).

    None of this is news to anyone, thank God there’s people like Coldplay and Louis C.K. who go out of their way to nullify reseller tickets ( granted, it’s a lot easier to do when there’s assigned seating as opposed to general admission).

    Metallica is trying to do something cool. Give fans the opportunity to see them in a small club setting and donate the ticket proceeds to charity because they don’t really need the money. I think they should have done the entire show via their fan club contest as opposed to just the pre-sale and then regular sale (aka bot-fest). I think the fans that won the right to buy would have had no problem paying more than $25 to be part of an amazing experience. I’ve never seen Metallica live and have zero interest in seeing them at an arena show.

    Something seriously needs to change.


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