Did Tinnitus Drive Inspiral Carpets Drummer to Suicide?

Craig Gill was the affable drummer of Manchester legends, Inspiral Carpets. In addition to that gig, he conducted tours around the city, taking people to some of Manchester’s most important musical sites.

Then last November 20, he inexplicably hanged himself at his home. There was no sign of depression or any indication that he was having suicidal thoughts. Family and friends were baffled.

At an inquest into his death, his wife, Rose Marie Gill said that Craig had been trouble sleeping because of a persistent ringing in his ears. His tinnitus grown worse over the years–“unbearable,” says Craig’s wife–and was positive there was no cure.

Craig joined the band at age 14, a time when none of us think very much about what too much loud music can do to our ears. The tinnitus began around age 19 and grew worse over the next 25 years. The last three were the worst. In the weeks before his death, the ringing got louder and louder. After leaving his family at the recording of a children’s Christmas show, he went home alone. His wife found him later that day.

Tinnitus can be a terrible thing. My mother suffers from it and can’t fall asleep unless she has Coast to Coast on the radio to drown out the incessant ringing. Protect your ears while you can.

Alan Cross

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  • May 8, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Ugh, just saw this elsewhere. Devastating.

    I can imagine the madness this would cause.


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