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Is Today’s Pop Music Really That Bad? Yes–and Here’s Why.

Ever get the feeling that so much modern pop music is really quite, well, terrible? I mean, truly, honestly awful? That it all sounds the same? That there’s no innovation in music anymore? It may not be your imagination. Find 20 minutes to watch this video and you may feel justified in being grumpy about kids and their music.

As a bonus, you’ll start to notice that the “millennial whoop” is everywhere. Once heard, it cannot be unheard. (Thanks to the Lonely Vagabond for the link.)


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One thought on “Is Today’s Pop Music Really That Bad? Yes–and Here’s Why.

  • Hah now I finally know what the “millennial whoop” is that I keep seeing people complain about. I’ve specifically hated California Gurls for that “hook” for years … but oddly no other song has been so grating and obnoxious with it to me… but I also almost never hear pop music. When California Gurls was out I was trapped in a bureaucratic cubical farm where my neighbour had it on all the time.

    Also can barely survive hearing Taio Cruz – Dynamite without trying to punch out my eardrums with a pen, also due to the same circumstance.


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